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The Board Report is the Gresham-Barlow School District's summary of regular school board meetings. In the Board Report, you will find the superintendent's monthly report on the school district, a summary of action taken by the district's board of directors, and information about individuals honored by the school board. The Board Report is published after every regular school board meeting. If you live in Gresham, you can watch board meetings LIVE on MetroEast Community Media Comcast Cable Channel 27 and Frontier Cable Channel 35. If you live in Damascus, you can watch a tape of the board meeting on Willamette Falls TV every Saturday at 1 p.m. on Cable Channel 23.

Below you will find the latest edition of the Board Report.
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Gresham-Barlow School District-Electronic Summary of Board Action

Meeting of June 8, 2017
Board Members Present: Chair Carla Piluso, Vice Chair Kris Howatt, Sharon Garner, John Hartsock, Matt O’Connell, and Kent Zook.
State equestrian champions
The school board honored students Taylor Veach and Alyson Teachout. Taylor is a junior at Gresham High School and is a member of the Sam Barlow High School equestrian team. At the state equestrian championships she took the state title for In-Hand Trail, and qualified for the Pinto World Championship. Sam Barlow High School senior Alyson Teachout is the Reserve Champion, which is awarded to the top performance rider in the state of Oregon. Alyson has earned more medals and plaques than any other SBHS equestrian student ever. The team is coached by Samantha MacDonald.
State track and field champion
The school board recognized Gresham High School senior Joseph Harris. Joseph is the 6A state champion in the Triple Jump. His winning triple jump was 47’-3/4”. He also took third in state for high jump.
Brass quartet state champions
The school board honored the Sam Barlow High School Trumpet Ensemble for placing first in state in the small brass category. On April 28, 2017, 130 chamber ensembles from across the state performed at the OMEA State Chamber Ensemble Contest. The quartet consists of juniors Gary Schmidt and Karlee Wood and sophomores Max Campbell and Andrew Tercek. This group is the first chamber ensemble in school district history to place first at the state championships.
Gresham High School teacher named best in state
The school board honored Gresham High School teacher Brad Cook. Mr. Cook was named the Mary Hartman Journalism Teacher of the Year by the Northwest Scholastic Press and the Oregon Journalism Education Association. The award is open to any active high school journalism teacher and/or publications adviser in Oregon. Mr. Cook received a $500 cash award from the Hartman Family Endowment.
Board member honored for years of service
The school board paid tribute to outgoing school board member Kent Zook. After ten years of service, Mr. Zook decided not to run for re-election. A presentation was made in honor of Mr. Zook’s service and dedication to the patrons and students of the district.
AVID student perspective
Sam Barlow High School senior Ashley Albelo presented her perspective on the AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) program. AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society. The AVID college readiness system is at five of our schools: Gresham High School, Sam Barlow High School, Clear Creek Middle School, Dexter McCarty Middle School, and Gordon Russell Middle School.
Sam Barlow High School schematic design
Sam Barlow High School Principal Bruce Schmidt and a representative from Opsis Architecture presented an update on the school’s remodel/renovation bond project. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2018. Information on all of the bond projects in the school district is available at:
Citizens’ Requests of the Board
Gresham resident Mike McKeel discussed the Gresham High School renovation. He shared that he does not want to see the district spend $16 million to save the façade. He would like to see the artwork on the building re-used so the iconic, historic building can retain its status. He shared that he and Mayor Shane Bemis have met with district administrators and were appreciative of the response. He stated that he looks forward to further discussions on the renovation of Gresham High School as the design process moves forward.
Christine Fitch, a school counselor at Kelly Creek Elementary School and Dexter McCarty Middle School encouraged the school board to bring back full-time counselors to all elementary schools. She said that counselors play vital roles in helping to reduce bullying and violent behaviors, teaching students life skills, and helping them manage anxiety and stress.
School counselor Theresa Scott talked about her experience working in schools. She encouraged the school board to bring back full-time counselors to all of the district’s elementary schools. She states that it takes a great deal of time for a counselor to develop a program within a school and get to know the students and families. She also shared the best prevention for school violence is early intervention beginning in elementary school.
Superintendent’s Report
Superintendent Schlachter announced that the school district has reached a tentative agreement with the Oregon School Employee’s Association (OSEA) on a new three-year contract. The tentative agreement must be ratified by OSEA members and approved by the school board before it takes effect.
Superintendent Schlachter shared that working for the Gresham-Barlow School District has been the best part of his thirty-nine year educational career. He said that the relationships he developed with staff, students, parents, and board members made his time very memorable. He stated that as he prepares to retire at the end of the month, he knows the good work in our schools will continue. He shared that everyone in the school district is committed to the success of all students.
Action Items
APPROVED, ratifying Resolution 1718-01 to adopt the budget for the 2017-18 fiscal year in the total amount of $477,376,465 now on file at the district’s administrative office.
APPROVED, ratifying Resolution 1718-02 to appropriate funds in the amount and purposes as outlined in the resolution for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2017.
APPROVED, ratifying Resolution 1718-03 to impose the taxes provided for the adopted budget at the Permanent Rate of $4.5268 per $1,000 of assessed value for General Fund operations; and, to impose taxes in the amount of $16,833,080 for bonded debt; making these taxes hereby imposed and categorized for the tax year 2017-18 upon the assessed value of all taxable property within the district
APPROVED, the 2017-18 student fees and tuition as presented
Fees that are new or changing:
Gresham High School
-New fee:  Accounting $30
-IB fees:    Registration increased from $160 to $175
                  Test fee increased from $55 to $90
Sam Barlow High School
-Family Athletic Pass – Same amount (Not on the form before)
-New fee – Art-1 $25
-New fee – Drawing 1, 2, 3 - $25
-New fee – Graphic Arts 1, 2, 3 - $25
Springwater Trail High School
-Student activity fee is new - $15
-Graduation Fee $30 – increase of $5
Middle Schools
-($5) reduction PE Uniform
-GRMS Marching Unit - $4 increase
The K-12 tuition for non-resident students is $10,126.
APPROVED, appointing the full slate of applicants as listed to the Gresham-Barlow School District Bond Oversight Committee
Karen Johnston
George Seaman
Mike Harris
Rebecca Merchant
Brianna Bigham
Norman Hancock
Jason Dugan
Bess Wills
Sharon Estes
Rick Searls
John Vandermosten
APPROVED, the contract with Opsis Architecture for an amount not to exceed $5,040,000
Opsis Architecture is working on the Sam Barlow High School renovation and addition.
APPROVED, the contract with Portland Mechanical Contractors, Inc., pending successful negotiations in the amount not to exceed $186,469
Portland Mechanical Contractors, Inc., will work on the West Orient Middle School HVAC project which is a part of the 2016 capital construction bond.
APPROVED, accepting the results of the May 16, 2017, board member election as reported by the Multnomah County and Clackamas County elections offices

Position 3, Zone 2                                                           (Incumbent: Matt O’Connell)
  Clackamas Multnomah Total
Matt O’Connell 864 5264 6128
Position 4, At-Large                                                             (Incumbent: Carla Piluso)
  Clackamas Multnomah Total
Carla Piluso 880 5579 6459
Position 5, Zone 4                                                                          (Incumbent: None)
  Clackamas Multnomah Total
Blake Petersen 413 3461 3874
Jason Dugan 533 1377 1910
Danielle Currey 138 1971 2109
Position 6, Zone At-Large                                               (Incumbent: Sharon Garner)
  Clackamas Multnomah Total
Sharon Garner 826 5188 6014
REVIEWED, the proposed 2017-18 board meeting schedule for first reading
Action will be requested at the July school board meeting.
APPROVED, the administration’s recommendation to increase lunch prices by $0.10 effective July 1, 2017
The United States Department of Agriculture requires all local education agencies (LEAs), regardless of current lunch prices, to annually review paid lunch prices to ensure compliance. The USDA provides a tool to determine compliance called the Paid Lunch Equity Tool. This requirement is in effect to ensure USDA funds are not subsidizing paid lunch amounts.
The LEA is considered noncompliant when the average paid lunch price is less than the difference between the free and paid federal reimbursement rates, currently $2.86. If the weighted average paid lunch price is less than that amount, LEAs must take action. The district has three options:
  1. Increase paid lunch prices, or

  2. Contribute non-Federal funds to the food service account, or

  3. Increase the paid lunch by a smaller amount and contribute the remaining amount using non-Federal funds

APPROVED, directing the administration to proceed with a building design that honors the past and incorporates key elements through deconstruction and/or reconstruction of important features, where appropriate, and use contemporary exterior design and an interior layout that meets the needs of our current and future generations of students, and meets the budget demands of the November 2016 school bond as approved by the taxpayers in the district
The final design for the Gresham High School renovation/replacement will be based on input and subsequent approval from the city of Gresham’s Design Commission. It is expected the final design will be completed in the fall of 2017.
APPROVED, the deletion of current policy EFA, Local Wellness Program, and replacing it with proposed policy EFA, as presented for second reading
Revisions to this policy EFA, Local Wellness Program, reflect the new rules for the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 released by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. The policy is required for districts that participate in the Child Nutrition Programs with the Oregon Department of Education (ODE). The school board will also review the administrative regulation (AR) for this policy as it is being developed. 
Information Items
Board representation at commencement
Commencement dates and board representation have been identified as follow:
June 14: Adult Program: Matt O’Connell and Carla Piluso
June 13: Gresham High School: Kris Howatt and John Hartsock
June 13: Sam Barlow High School: Carla Piluso and Kathy Ruthruff
June 15: Springwater Trail High School: Kent Zook and Sharon Garner
Upcoming meetings
July 6
School Board Work Session
6 p.m.
Public Safety and Schools Building
July 6
Regular Board Meeting
7 p.m.
Public Safety and Schools Building
Can’t Attend Board Meetings?
You can watch regular school board meetings LIVE on Comcast cable channel 27 and Frontier cable channel 35. MetroEast Community Media replays the board meeting at the following times:
Second Showing-Monday at 7 p.m.
Third Showing-The following Thursday at 4 p.m.
If you live in Damascus-
Board meetings are shown on Willamette Falls TV for patrons in the Damascus area. They are scheduled for cablecast on channel 23 every Saturday at 1 p.m.

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